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About Us

How did our journey begin?

Our journey in the field of textile commenced in 1975 in Istanbul with the name Pamuk Prenses (Show White). We undertook this journey as a family company and our purpose was to have our design to exceed borders and to reach all children in the World. We initiated a brand new beginning in 1 January 2011 with the name Pamina Kids. Our priorities never changes while we were progressing in this targeted path. We have adapted a fashion concept that grows with children’s dreams and that continually improves. We realize our production with a happy and large team that enjoys its every step.

We were Inspired by the Princesses!

Pamina takes its name from the young princess character in the “Magical Flute” opera by Mozart. Our sources of inspiration are the princesses and we design only for female children.

We Love Designing!

We enjoy each detail of this work! The imagination world of our princess girls is our greatest orientation when we create our designs for them. As we create our collections, we follow world’s child fashions & trends and we perform long-term R&D studies. We attach importance to the contributions by an interactive creation phase and we give priority to the feedbacks we receive from our customers.

A New Fashion Concept for Children!

We’re hunters that try to catch the imagination balloons of children! We dress them with the clothes they dream of and turn them into the heroes they desire. The colors, glows, flowers and all details in the imagination balloons set today’s fashion for us, that’s because for us, fashion is what they imagine!


Those last and most magical touches, which turn everything into works of art and the manual works, are the indispensable items of Pamina designs.

Pamina Kids in the World Market!

Our ready ware journey that started in Turkey exceeded borders in a small amount of time. In many countries of the world, you can hear the Pamina from now on when one mentions children’s fashion.