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As PAMINA GİYİM TURİZM TEKSTİL SANAYİ VE TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ ("Pamina"), we use cookies and local storage technologies to facilitate the use of our website named https://www.paminakids.com ("Site") and to personalize the use of our Site. The use of technologies is carried out in accordance with the legislation we are subject to, especially the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698.
Use of Content
No text or graphics published on Pamina can be used by third parties without permission. The content material or functionality on this site cannot be published in other media, and links to websites cannot be provided without Pamina's permission.
All legal rights of this site belong to Pamina. Except as provided herein, no material may be copied, reproduced, distributed, displayed, uploaded, replayed, posted, transmitted via the transmitter, or reproduced internally, but not limitedly, electronically, mechanically, photocopically, recorded or in any other way.
The materials on this site may only be allowed to be modified for personal, non-commercial use for display, copy, distribution or upload, and if you are the legal owner of all legal and other personal notes for the materials. If you are not, you cannot copy everything here to other servers without Pamina's permission. This permit automatically expires when you breach any of these terms. Regarding this restriction, you must immediately destroy the material you uploaded or depicted. Any unsigned use of any material on this site infringes on copy laws, commercial laws, security and publicity laws, and communications laws and statutes.
Site-Visitor Communication Security
The communication between the site and the visitor on the order pages of our site takes place in 128 bit SSL standard. The communication standard in question is of a nature that can be used safely even in many traded sites. It indicates whether this communication format exists on the page where credit card information will be provided, and that the expression written in the address bar when the page is accessed is in the format https: // .., not in the form of http: // ... When you access pages of this nature, there is a lock sign in the lower right corner of the browser.
Site-Bank Communication Security
The security of transferring credit card information from the site to the bank takes place with the maximum security offered by the bank. In addition to the many components of the said security, the CVV2 / CVC2 code is also used on our site as a precaution against shopping with stolen card or card information.
In-Site Data Security
In transactions you will make in a secure environment, no person, institution or organization can access your information except for you and the bank that has allocated your credit card to you. The credit card transaction page transmits the card information directly to the bank POS system and reports the transaction result to the customer. Credit card information is not transferred via e-mail or similar methods. It is not even possible for us to access credit card information transferred as a result of the online transaction.
In order to ensure the security of your information on our site, [SSL] Certificate has been preferred.
Purpose of Use of Cookies
By visiting the Site, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy. If you use different devices to view the Site (eg computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), you should make sure that each browser on each of these devices is set in accordance with your cookie preferences.
A cookie is a small text file stored on your device when you visit a website. Cookies can be stored on your device through your browser during your first visit to a website. When you visit the same site again with the same device, your browser checks whether there is a cookie stored on your device on the site name. If there is a record, it transmits the data in the record to the website you are visiting. In this way, the website understands that you have visited the site before and determines the content to be sent to you accordingly.
Pamina can use the cookies it uses in its websites, platforms, applications, advertisements and messages for the purposes stated below.
(i) Operational uses: It can use cookies that we deem necessary for the administration and security of the site, platform, applications and services. Examples of cookies used for operational purposes include technologies that allow the use of functions on the website, applications and platforms, and cookies used to detect irregular behavior in these channels.
(ii) Uses for functionality: The site will be able to use cookies to facilitate the most efficient use of the platform, applications and services and to customize them for users. Examples of technologies that allow us to remember user information and preferences are cookies that use functionality.
(i) Performance-oriented uses: The site can also use cookies to increase and measure the performance of its applications, platforms and services. Examples of cookies used for this purpose are technologies that allow us to understand how users use the Site, applications, platforms and services, and to analyze user behavior, and to understand whether we interact with the messages we send with cookies.
(ii) Uses for advertising purposes: Party cookies and third party cookies related to the purpose of transmitting advertisements and similar content aimed at the interests of the users through the websites, platforms and applications belonging to Pamina or third parties.
Types of Cookies
Two types of cookies can be used on the site; "Session cookies" and "persistent cookies". Session cookies are temporary cookies kept on your device until you leave the Site. A persistent cookie is stored on your device for a longer period of time until you delete it. (How long the cookie will be kept on your device will vary depending on the duration or "lifetime" of that cookie, and your browser settings)
Some of the pages you visit may receive information that can be shared with third parties that directly support our promotional activities and website developments using pixel tags (also called clear gifs). For example, website usage information about visitors to the Site may be shared with our third party advertising agencies in order to ensure more effective visibility of banner advertisements on our websites. This information may be related to your personal information, but they cannot identify you.
We work with some third party suppliers who set cookies on your behalf when you visit the Site so that they can offer you the services they provide. When you visit the site, you can receive cookies from third party websites or domains. We work to identify these cookies before they are available so that you can decide whether to accept cookies or not. Detailed information about these cookies may be available on the respective third party website.
Rejecting and Deleting Cookies
Although most browsers allow the use of cookies, users can refuse or delete cookies at any time by changing their browser settings. Many internet browsers are set to automatically accept cookies by default. You can change these settings to block cookies or to alert you when cookies are sent to your device. Although it may differ according to the possibilities offered by the browser, data owners have the opportunity to prevent the use of cookies, to choose to receive a warning before the cookie is used, or to disable or delete only some Cookies. The method of changing the settings varies according to the browser used, and it is necessary to learn from the service provider of the browser used to disable cookies.
If cookies are disabled, it may be possible that some features of the Site, application, platform and services cannot be used. Disabling the cookies we use may affect your user experience on the Site, for example, you may not be able to view certain parts of the Site or access information customized for you when you visit the Site.
Authorized Service Providers
We can get assistance from some service providers we have authorized for the execution and promotion of the site, platform and applications and services. These service providers will also be able to place cookies and similar technologies (third party cookies) on users' computers / devices and collect information such as IP address, unique identifier and device identifier to identify the user device.
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